Vacuum pressure regulators come in two basic designs. Many industrial applications control the level of vacuum in their system with a vacuum breaker valve. Vacuum breakers work by allowing atmospheric air into the system faster than the vacuum pump can remove it. Vacuum breakers have several problems; each vacuum pump can only control at one pressure and any change in atmospheric or flow rate conditions will cause a change the vacuum pressure. Equilibar precision vacuum pressure regulators work in a different way. Equilibar vacuum controls operate by restricting the amount of air the vacuum pump can pull from the application. As a true mechanically closed loop diaphragm operated vacuum regulator, the Equilibar EVR series will hold the vacuum at setpoint regardless of changes in the system flow rate or changes in local atmospheric pressure. In addition, multiple Equilibar vacuum regulators can be supplied from one central vacuum pump. Each branch vacuum line can be individually adjusted independant of the other branch lines.