The Equilibar BR is a family of pressure control valves designed to resist blockages resulting from the cold temperatures encountered during the pressure let down in a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction system. The Joule Thompson cooling that occurs when compressed CO2 expands will often cause the CO2 to form dry ice, freeze any entrained water, and cause the essential extraction oils to become highly viscous. Traditional control valve technologies will experience clogging and blockages in their internal passages and will not be able to hold the pressure steady at the desired set point. The new BR series is a back pressure control valve designed specifically for supercritical fluid extraction systems. The BR uses a clever (patent pending) design to resist the formation of blockages from frozen CO2. High viscosity essential oils are also able to pass freely through the BR series. In the video both water and olive oil are injected into the high pressure CO2 stream in an attempt to cause a blockage. The BR is able to control the CO2 at the target set point despite the introduction of large amounts of oil and water.
The BR is most effective when used in high throughput high yield systems that are running with high flow rates of CO2. The BR valve uses its mechanical design to shed ice and does not rely on external heating to remain ice free. The BR back pressure valve is able to run at high flow rates because it is not limited by the amount of heat that can be applied externally.