Equilibar is pleased to offer replacements for select models of the Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulator.

Equilibar now offers drop-in replacement regulators for many models of the Mity Mite series of back pressure regulators which are no longer commercially available.

Mity Mite regulators were first manufactured by Grove Valve and Regulator Company in the 1960s and soon became the standard for many specialty applications. Tthe Back Pressure Regulating Mity Mites became popular for applications in the oil and gas industry due to their materials of construction and low flow capabilities.

Over the years, the Mity Mite product line was sold multiple times. In 2015, the most recent owner announced discontinuation of support for Mity Mite, leaving long-standing customers in a bind.

To fill this need, Equilibar now offers direct replacements of several models of the Mity Mite Back Pressure Regulators. Equilibar part numbers follow the same scheme as the traditional Mity Mite part numbers with EQ appended to the end.