This video demonstrates the LPR2 ultra low, high precision pressure reducing regulator. The low pressure regulator has the ability to control down below 1 psi down to a quarter of an inch of water column. The high precision LPR2 low pressure controller is connected to an inert or compressed air supply and the output pressure is shown connected to a mechanical, digitial and u-tube manometer. The performance is demonstrated by varying the pressure and cycling to ultra low pressure valve up and down. The low pressure regulator exhibits high sensitivity and stability when changing the ultra low downstream pressure. The ultra low pressure reducing controller has low to static flow capabilities.

This high precision regulator is available in several variations for different pressure ranges under 1 psig. The unit has two variations for inert process gas and compressed air.

The highly sensitive pressure reducing regulator can be coupled with the patented Equilibar back pressure regulator. This allows users to turn the Equilibar into an ultra low pressure back pressure regulator. The advantage of this low pressure back pressure controller include chemical, temperature and high flow applications. The video demonstrates the LPR2 piloting the Equilibar back pressure regulator.