At Equilibar we test all of our regulators designs to failure. We design our regulators according to ASME B31.3 specifications. This typically yields a design with a factor of safety around 4X. Equilibar takes the safety of our customers very seriously. So as a final proof all of our regulator designs are tested under increasing pressure until their failure point is reached. For very low pressure testing compressed gasses could be used. For high pressure testing hydrostatic testing using water is performed. Because water is essentially incompressible there is very little stored energy to be violently released when the regulator finally ruptures.

This was a hydrostatic pressure test of our 10,000 psi model EHP (Extra High Pressure) back pressure regulator. The goal was to achieve 40 ksi for a 4 to 1 safety factor proof pressure.

The failure in this video was not with the regulator. This failure occurred with a compression fitting on our hydrostatic test stand at approximately 28,000 psi. This was a commercially available stainless steel fitting.

The compression style fitting has since been replaced with higher pressure cone and thread type connections.