Equilibar offers electronic pressure regulators for applications requiring high resolution and high accuracy, for vacuum or absolute pressure applications, for applications requiring high temperature or compatibility with aggressive chemicals, for high flow rate applications, and for applications that require high pressure control.
The first model shown is a low flow high resolution electronic regulator calibrated to control the low pressure range of 0 to 1 psi. The stability and smoothness of control are demonstrated in the video by controlling pressure into a U-Tube water manometer.
Next is a model that is calibrated in vacuum. Gauge vacuum, absolute vacuum, and vacuum through positive pressure ranges are available. The optional integrated LED digital display is shown. This is a 3 1/2 digit LED meter that displays the pressure signal from the internal pressure sensor within the electronic regulator. This meter can be calibrated to match the calibration of the electronic pressure regulator.
A stainless steel wetted parts model is shown. This electronic pressure regulator is perfect for application that have high pressures (up to 500psig), elevated temperatures, or media that is not chemically compatible with typical electronic regulator designs. Viton is used as the wetted elastomer.
High flow applications are handled by selecting the appropriate electronic pressure regulator and using it to pilot operate a mechanical volume boosting regulator. Generally these volume boosters operate in a precise 1:1 relationship to the pilot regulator. However, to overcome the internal friction and hysteresis found in the mechanical regulator the pressure transducer can be moved to monitor the output pressure of the high flow stream. For high flow rates at high pressures a ration regulator can be piloted. These ratio regulators often operate on a 15:1 or 45:1 ratio between the output pressure and the pilot pressure. This allows a lower pressure electronic regulator to control higher pressures than can be seen by the electronic valves.